The first and only plant-based, organic, raw, fresh dog treat on the marketplace!

First came the bone-shaped treats. Then came the “cutsy” cookie cutter treats followed by the gluten free and freeze dried snacks. Despite their healthy image, they are all processed in some way, delivering little in the way of nutrients.

Now, A NEW generation of dog treats is here…Chuckleberry Chews organic dog treats from Wags In The Woods!

Our goal at Wags In The Woods is to provide your furry canine friend with the freshest, most nutritious organic dog treat available. Chuckleberry Chews are all natural, whole food treats made from three superfoods: organic raw carob, hemp, and dates.

These chews are extremely high in enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein and fiber, all in their natural form. Just as Mother Nature intended!


Canine connoisseurs love the chewy sweet flavor, too!

Pippa Lee and Summit love the chews
These two are obsessed with Chuckleberry Chews. When the postman delivers they dance around the mailbox!
Pippa Lee & Summit

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Seriously Healthy. Seriously Yummy. Seriously Like No Other.